Thursday, 5 January 2012

I Predicted Bad Boy Nozdormu Back in July

I may have been a bit slow on the quests and new dungeons of Patch 4.3. In fact I have just finished my first run through End Time and boy am I disappointed in the quests rewards :(

But I did get a holy trinket and 2 ret drops.

But what really shocked me was the lore around what End Time was all about. Its all about Nozdormu gone mad and created the infinite dragon flight.

Hmm Deja Vu ... yep I (with a little help from google) predicted this back at the start of patch 4.2!!

Or have I got it all wrong?

Anyway? Why have I only just done this dungeon? I've been making gold of course! Having surpassed 2 million before 4.3 hit I am easily at 2.5 Million now :)

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