Friday, 6 January 2012

A Paladin Walks Into a Bar...

A paladin sits down at a bar next to a warlock. The paladin taps the warlock on the shoulder.

"What?," the warlock asks.

"How about you conjure me up something to drink?," replies the paladin.

The warlock looks at the pally incredulously and says, "Man, have you got the wrong guy," and returns to drinking his beer in silence.

The pally, taps the warlock on the shoulder again and says, "Well then, how about you conjure me up something to eat then?".

The warlock, getting a little annoyed now, responds "If I cant conjure you up something to drink, what the HELL makes you think I can conjure you something to eat??.

The warlock goes back to drinking in a huff and sure enough, the pally taps him on the shoulder one more time.

"I'm sorry," he says, "but I thought you could do something for someone other then yourself".

The warlock takes a sip of his beer, turns toward the paladin and smashes the bottle over his head. While he's bleeding on the floor, the warlock says "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you could tank!"

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