Monday, 24 August 2009

Next Holiday Events are coming.

On Sunday 20th September Brewfest starts; god, I'm not looking forward to that!

I only ever did a couple of things with that 2 years ago on an alt, I have no idea what is involved, I just know that I was* fucked due to not doing the brew of the month thing ,or whatever it was, last year because I was busy breaking up with TiceNits.

Serves me right I suppose :P

Anyway, got to do some serious research I suppose.

BUT, not only that but there is some Harvest Festival thing on the calendar starting half way through Brewfest.

And looking at the World Events achievements there is something about Pilgrim's Bounty - is that the same or another one???

And, also I am sure that some world events have been removed, not that I can think what they are right now.


Anyway, comments and explanations welcome!

* Don't know if Blizztards have removed that stupid achievement from the meta yet, I fucking hope so!!

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