Monday, 24 August 2009

Jewelcrafting Here We Come

OK, so HolyWarrior has decided to go Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter. I originally thought super gems in everything including the extra sockets, obviously that won't work as you can only have 2 or 3 super gems, so they could go in normal sockets, but hey ho!!

The bonuses are still both good for holy pallies, so that's what I am doing.

I have started levelling blacksmithing and am already up to 300 but have used up all the ore/bars/stone and gems that were in my alt guilds bank so Jewelcrafting is going to be a little more expensive.

I dropped skinning to be replaced with blacksmithing. I have skinned enough (hopefully) to support my two leatherworkers who are both at around 300, they will have to keep skinning as they level but there is shit loads of knothide and borean leather spread about my alts and their banks.

So, when blacksmithing is complete I will take the difficult step of dropping my 450 mining. :( I may have to do a bit more titanium mining just to bring stocks up to scratch but I won't be doing it untill I have maxed blacksmithing.

So, the point of this post? Well, I don't want to spend too much gold on jewelcrafting mats so I am going to keep a track of total mats here and only buy the cheapest up on the Auction House, hopefully by the time I have finished blacksmithing then I will have most of the mats I'll need. So here we go, mats list courtesy of WoW Professions DOT COM!!

100 Copper Bar (current: 101) (1g95s/20 1g50s/15 )
20 Tigerseye or 20 Malachite (current: 20)
120 Bronze Bar = 60 Copper Bar, 60 Tin Bar (current: 154) (6g/20) (2g90s/20)
60 Shadowgem OR 20 Shadowgem and 20 Small Lustrous Pearl (current: 60)
80 Heavy Stone (current: 94) (7g80s/20)
30 Moss Agate (current: 30) (3g50s/1)
160 Mithril Bar (current: 169) (curently 34g/20)
25 Citrine (current: 2) (cheapest 6g)
20 Truesilver Bar (current: 20)
5 Aquamarine (current: 7) (5g85s/2)
60 Thorium Bar (current: 90) (11g/10)
15 Star Ruby (current: 2) (6g) (5g-76%)
20 Large Opal (current: 1) (18g-20g) (17g - 145%) (7g77 best)
10 Powerful Mojo or 10 Blue Sapphire (current: 2) (BS - 13g,1g50/1 pm)
10 Essence of Earth or 10 Essence of Undeath (current: 10)(earth 7 / und 5)
20 Huge Emerald (current: 0) (19g18.42)
55 green gems OR 40 and 15 Black Diamond - You can find a list of green gems here. Don't buy all of them from one kind, because there might be some recipes where you don't have the reputation to buy it, so you will have to choose other green gems. Just buy them, when you get that part of the Jewelcrafting guide. (current: 15 Black diamonds)
13 Adamantite Bar (current: 13) maybe some left over from BS (2.80.33-115%)
5 Mercirual Adamantite (current: 5) (30g/1)
Buy around 70 from any of the following gems: [Bloodstone], [Chalcedony], [Dark Jade], [Huge Citrine], [Shadow Crystal], [Sun Crystal]. Make sure to buy at least 5 Bloodstone, 3 Chalcedony, 3 Shadow Crystal and 3 Dark Jade, because you will need the Bloodstones when you reach 395 and the other gems when you reach 440. (current: 0)
46 Eternal Earth OR 23 Eternal Earth and 23 Eternal Shadow (current: 20) (E-7.50 S-36g/20)
7 Forest Emerald - You might only need 5. (current: 0)
around 28 Skyflare Diamond OR 28 Earthsiege Diamond, but you should buy less then 28 and buy more if you need them (current: 0) SFD - 300g/10 ESD - 33g/1
1 Frozen Orb (current: 1)

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Ardent Defender said...

I never had the heart much to try BS. But a JC I can see maybe especially since I don't have any heavy crafting professions either. But I do have a few miners so it would work out. It would have to be a newer character, just not sure when.