Sunday, 23 August 2009

The New Argent Tournament 3.2 - Return of the Black Knight

I'm a bit behind the times, due to a) Work blocking blogger and b) a bit of "I can't be Wow-Arsed" but I'm back and it's time to update my Argent Tournament guide with the new set of Black Knight quests.

Back in the main Argent Tournament tent Crusader Rhydalla has a new quest: The Black Knight's Curse.

The Black Knight's Curse.
There is a dark presence in the Cemetary, you are to investigate it. Head east to the cemetary and you will find his grave at 79.5,23.3 there will be a cult saboteur and a cult assassin who are neutral. The saboteur task the assassin with making sure he is not followed and the he hearths out. The assassin become hostile and attacks you. Kill the assassin and you get a quest complete. Go hand it back in Crusader Rhydalla. You can now get ...

The Black Knight's Fate.
You need to go and disrupt Doctor Kohler's plans at the cultist camp to the west. Directly west you go to 61,23 where Doctor Kohler spawns near the Black Knight. Find this place and he is pathing around it...

Kill him and you'll get Doctor Kohler's Order's which will complete the quest. Back to Crusader Rhydalla.

If you forget to read the orders, they say...

Doctor Kohler,

The Black Knight has not yet served his purpose. Retrieve his remains from the tournament grounds and use your arts to return him to life. We will use the strength of the crusaders and their followers against them.

Take prisoners and use their souls to empower my servant. Capture Crusader Kul, called reckless by his fellows, and sacrifice him upon your altar. His spirit will imbue the Black Knight with terrible strength and power. Then, deliver the Black Knight to me.

Is that It?
No follow up quest? No. Not quite. The next part of the storyline is killing the Black Knight in the new 5 man dungeon.

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