Wednesday, 12 November 2008

OMG - Where Have I Been?

Maybe it's the lead up to Wrath, maybe it's my change in domestic situation, maybe it's the fact that work has been really busy the last few weeks but I have neglected this blog and I have neglected WoW.

I have spent the odd spare hour here and there levelling Mark and Sven who are now finishing up Hellfire Pen and level 62-ish and I've been on a couple of raids. But that's about it.

I missed the last 3 raids and I have logged on for about 2 hours in the last week and that was to start filling up HolyWarrior's quest log with completed quests. For a hopeful kick start on Wrath day.

All my chars bags are still full, EvilBastard has an empty quest log, Sven the Druid the 3rd part of my levelling to 80 trio is still at level 62 My banks and alt guild bank are full of mats that will be next to useless in less than 24 hours. My gold reserves are no where near high enough to be buying a mammoth - over 1K gone on epic land mounts for Mark and Sven. Acheivement are sorely lacking although HolyWarrior has discoverd all of Azeroth, Kalimdor and Outland!


How have you been preparing!!

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