Friday, 21 November 2008


2 More acheivments done on HW and EB. "Explore Boring Tundra" and "Boring Tundra is ... err ... Boring!"

That is the levelling duo managed to uncover the last little bit of the Tundra map and then got the 130th quest in zone completed.

Last Rites
They then went on to do the Last Rites chain to complete every quest in the zone.

They both dinged 72 at some point yesterday evening and after doing The Last Rites this morning with a PUG (a full 5 man PUG doing Last Rites at 7am this morning - WTFBBQ???) they hearthed back to Shat, trained their level 71 and 72 skills and got the boat over to Howling Fjord.

Howling Fjord
Now that is a cool boat trip, sailing up the fjord, underneath a burning ship wedged between the cliffs high above.

They are now sat in the inn gaining a little rested xp before exploring this zone.

Changing Tactics
I had originally specced HW as Retribution to run in and grab mobs and get beaten on and then get EB to throw Seed of Corruption around liberally.

I found that to be a bit of a pain trying to keep HW healed and then losing some mobs who would go and thump EB about. So I started just pulling the mobs with Seed of Corruption but HW would burn through mana far too quickly.

So I equipped EB in all his green stamina gear, boosting his HP up to well over 12K (but losing some considerable SP) and got HW to equip all his holy gear so that I could spam FoL getting worthwhile short cast heals out and not draining mana. EBs lack of SP is now made up by getting a couple more SoCs out before having to switch over and start healing.

It's much better. But I am now in the Fjord and I had heard that there are nice big packs of undead, so it maybe easier for HW to gather and keep aggro. We'll see.

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