Sunday, 2 November 2008

Illidan - YOU Were Not Prepared

After Thursday's MH and 3 BY bosses we went to finish up Black Temple tonight. We went and one shot Teron and then moved onto Bloodboil who I had missed before and got him down easily.

Then we moved onto Reliquary of Souls which also went down easily.

It was at this point that I started disconnecting all the time, it was very annoying and I missed Shiraz and The Council, but I had seen them once before anyway.

I finally managed to get back on and stable in time for the first Illidan pull. We had a good attempt at him but wiped somewhere around phase 3 I think.

Then we gave him another go and got him down!!!

I got a nice healing cape which was an upgrade from my Bishop's Cloak and a pair of Tanking gloves for minimum bid!!

I personally have now cleared Black Temnple. That is I have been involved in every boss kill!! WOOT!!

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