Thursday, 1 December 2011

Void Storage is Practically Useless (read: CRAP)

So it turns out that out that you won't be moving a whole helluva lot from your bank to the void storage unit.

Why? Because you can't put "Unique" items in it.

Now, I don't know about you but most of the stuff I want to put into void storage not only meets the criteria set out by BlizzTards:

"...isn't to be a second bank, but rather a place where players can safely store items they wish to keep for the life of the game, either for sentimental or aesthetic reasons..."

But also the exclusion criteria of being "Unique"

To me that means tabards (which I'm collecting) - BUT MOST ARE UNIQUE - so won't go into void storage.

And also all kinds of world event items like pilgrims clothes etc - BUT MOST ARE UNIQUE - so won't go into void storage.

And also many different quest rewards from Vanilla and TBC - BUT MOST ARE UNIQUE - so won't go into void storage.

I guess it's because if it's in void storage it's not allocated to your character so you could potentially loot another item, hence the reason for stripping off all identifying characteristics.

But it must still be held by an item id in the bank and therefore is only a quick scan of an 80 odd element array of item IDs when doing a look up of equipped items, bag items and bank items when looting an item, surely?

What kind of crack were BlizzTards smoking when they implemented this?

They have taken a great idea and turned it into a steaming pile of dog Shite. Fucking imbeciles.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that, there's so many things like tabards, toys and holiday items, and unusual quest rewards and tabards that don't count because they're "Unique", what a crock of shit. Blizzard should have kept the keyring, made tabards learnable the same way pets and mounts are, and THEN implemented void storage for all other special items.

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