Friday, 2 December 2011

The New Looing For Raid Exploit

In case you were wondering what this exploit was but keep getting "This post has been deleted" in the official forums here is an explanation I saw before it was deleted.

I am putting it up here so Blizz have to stop deleting posts and get on with fixing it quick otherwise it's going to be a complete farce of a race to world first Deathwing HC kill.

"When you run a full 25man LFR with your guild and you kill those 4 bosses the looting for your guild is over for that week from that LFR , not really...!
The trick is you swap out some people 1 cloth, 1 leather, 1 mail, 1 plate ( Alt chars, or other members )

Than you go again in the LFR and those people who just came in the raid can see every loot, so they loot everything, than they can trade it to those people who were and done the LFR once.
So you can FARM the LFR until your guild got no more Alt/members who can jump in for the loot.

I have seen certain members with several Raid Finder gear... from the same boss.

I hope Blizzard doesn't turn their head away from this and say they didn't see/know it was happening

Not that the whole world reads my little blog, but Blizztards can't ignore/delete it like they're ignoring their Steam Pile of Shite Void Storage Fuck Up!

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