Thursday, 25 November 2010

Can't Trade Down Ink of the Sea

OMFG. I've been too busy to check out the Glyph market lately. When the prices went down to about 20g each I decided to stop trading and start again when Clitacasm came out. Herbs were still way to expensive and the profit was therefore minimal.

I have been grabbing the odd bargain and building up my stocks with the aim of 40 of each glyph ready for when cata hit.

I was fully aware that the ink trade was going to change to blackfallow ink so before the expansion hit I was going to trade down a load of ink of the sea in preparation.

Well 4.0.3a hit and not only have a) Glyphs shot back up to 50-150g each but b) the ink exchange has already changed from Ink of the Sea to Blackfallow Ink (Which I hasten to add - YOU CAN'T FUCKING GET YET!!!)

Thanks a fuck Blizztards.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Update: Complete.

My next task will be the 25 tabards achievement. Here is a list of all the ones I can find. Those with a * next to them I have not got yet.

The Argent dawn one I am sure I had,I have petitioned Blizztards to have it returned.

Wrath Rep
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Wyrmest Accord

Argent Tournament
Argent Crusaders
*Darnassus Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Exodar Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Gnomeregan Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Ironforge Tabard (Argent Tournament)
Stormwind Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Silver Covenant/Sunreaver's (Argent Tournament)

Cenarion Expedition
Sha'tari Skyguard
*Keepers of Time
Lower City
*Shattered Sun
*Honor Hold/Thrallmar

Vanilla Rep

Stormpike/Frostwolf (honor. Buy, equip, sell back)
Silverwing (honor. Buy, equip, sell back)
*Knights/Stone Guard Herald

World Events
Competitor's (Olympic Games)
Summer Skies (Midsummer)
*Argent Dawn (only available during the Scourge invasion event)
of the Protector (Dark Portal)

*Tabard of Brute Force (Brutally Dedicated ach. required)
Loremasters Colours
of the Achiever (Twenty-Five Tabards)

Race Specific
*Tabard of the Hand (Draenei only quest)
*Blood Knight (Blood Elf Paladin's Mount quest)

Purple/Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari(Battle of The Crimson Watch)
*Scarlet Crusade (drops in Scarlet Monastery Armory)
*Contest Winners (don't even bother trying for it. Only 1 per server)
Guild Tabard

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spending Spree - Weeeee!

What's the point of hitting gold cap(old 214K version) if you just sit on it? Spend Spen Spend is what I say, and sorry Gevlon, vanity items were at the top of my list!

This Caught Me By Surprise

Last night, while making sure I had bought all my faction mounts/pets etc, I stumbled upon this in Stormspire...

I'm currently in the process of writing a guide on how to do this easily :P

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #37 - Sporeggar

Once you have Timbermaw and Kurenai reps at exalted what comes next? Sporeggar of course.

So I bought up 130 Sanguine from the Auction House and did 1 circuit of repeatable quests before deciding to grind Hibiscus in the underbog. 65 plants and a hand in of the Stalker Quest later ...

Trouble is now the next 2 viable reps are Honour Hold and Keepers of Time and they have only just hit revered :(

Exalted Reputation #36 - Kurenai

Which led to this...

and this

Off to grind Sanguine Hibiscus now :P

Monday, 15 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #35 - The Consortium.

I have been working at Kurenai and Consortium Rep simultaneously on and off for some time.

What I have been doing is grinding the ogres in Nagrand. They give Kurnai rep and drop Obsidian Warbeads. You can hand in the warbeads for consortium or Kurenai rep. I am getting them for consortium rep.

Currently both reps are around 17K into exalted. I am now going to finish off the last strands of Consortium quests, maybe grab a mana tombs heroic, and then hand in a few warbeads.

And, here we go...

Sunday, 14 November 2010


1600 gold for an achievement - that's up there with Gigantique Bags!!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Winterfall Shaman Everywhere

OMFG! When doing the Wintersaber rep quests one of them has you going to Winterfall Village and killing 5 Ursas and 5 Shaman.

The thing is the Ursas spawn more often than the Shaman so there is usually a dearth of Shaman.

I just turned up and all 5 spawns in the bottom were Shaman, then up the slope the 2 on the left and the 2 on the right were all Shaman and then on the hill up to the Chief it was a Shaman as well. The only 2 that weren't were the ones at the end of the little alley.

What are the odds on that?

Exalted Reputation #33 & #34 - Timbermaw and Wintersaber

UPDATE: And we're done!

So the latest masochistic rep grind is Wintersaber Trainers. The only way to get rep with them is from 1 repeatable quest until half way through neutral. 2 repeatable quests until honoured and then 3 repeatable quests all the way to exalted. Although the 3rd is often ignored.

Double Whammy
One of these quests involves killing Winterfall mobs so a happy byproduct of this grind is that these mobs give 20 (22 for humans) timbermaw rep, and they also drop Winterfall Spirit Beads which can be handed in to Salfa for 300 (330) reputation.

My Progress
I have just hit honoured with Wintersaber (350/12000), and am human so each quest hand in will give me 275, 275 and 385 rep and each trip will have all 3 quests for a total of 935 rep per trip. This means in 13 trips I will be 505 into revered. Then I will need to do 22 trips to get to exalted. 35 Trips in total. 5 a day for a week :P

But along with that I am 11,243 into honoured with Timbermaw. Mobs stop giving rep at revered so I will be collecting the beads that the winterfall drop. They drop at roughly 40% drop rate so each trip for Wintersaber rep will give me 4 beads. I already have 100 beads and 35 feathers(equivalent from deadwood furbolgs) which is 27 hand ins or 8910 rep.

How Many Beads?
In 35 trips I will have to kill 350 winterfall mobs for another 140 beads which is another 9240. Leaving me about 2000 or 9 turn ins or 43 beads short. Another 108 mobs to kill.

Current Progress
Timbermaw beads/feathers 288/319 (18810 rep)
Timbermaw rep -1/21000

Wintersaber rep 21000/21000
Trips to Revered 13/13
Trips to Exalted 35/35

Wednesday 5/5
Thursday 5/5
Friday 5/5
Saturday 5/5
Sunday 5/5
Monday 5/5
Tuesday 5/5

First came the frostsaber...

followed by grinding another 20 feathers before ...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #32 - Knights of the Ebon Blade

The latest victim on my quest to get 40 Exalted reputations was Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Before that it was Sons of Hodir; which saw me complete Storm Peaks. So onto Icecrown. The idea is to complete the zone and then buy the rest of the rep with Justice Points.

By completeing Icecrown yesterday I got 3 achievements in 1 - YAY!

and my Ebon Blade rep was nealry maxxed out anyway with 16478 into Revered. Which a quick couple of daily heroics with their tabard on soon sorted out. Double YAY!

Monday, 1 November 2010

AH Macros are Back!

Shamelessly ripping some text out of Moravec's post on Follow the Gold Road - Useful Auction House Macros After Patch 4.0.1 as I have been trying to work out how to macro the craft button on ATSW and golbinworks (or wtf the new KTQ crafting dependency is). Purely theoretically of course. I wouldn't actually do this in game :P

Re-posting it here so that I don't lose the info, especially the macro at the end about mouseover a button to get it's /script name in your chat window ... INCREDIBLY USEFUL :)


Posting and Cancelling:

/click StaticPopup1Button1



/click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton


/click AuctionProfitMasterCancelButton


Create next enchant:

/click SMButton



/click BuyApproveButton


Process queue:

/click ATSWQueueStartStopButton


Confirm Mill/Prospect/Disenchant:

/click AutoDEPromptYes

You can always find out the name of a button for creating similar macros if you bind the following to a key.  All you then have to do is mouseover the button, press the macro and the name will appear magically in your chat frame:

/run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetMouseFocus():GetName())