Saturday, 13 December 2008

Level 74, Nexus and Dalaran

HolyWarrior and EvilBastard dinged 74 doing the basket collection daily in Boring Tundra. YAY!!!

Before I could get to Dalaran a guild alt run was planning on an instance so EB and HW tagged along to Nexus.

HW easily healed the group through the entire instance as ret-spec in T5/T6 healing epix and HW only died twice when he fell off a cliff thing somewhere in the middle and then on the only boss wipe of the run which was Kalistraza or whatever.

EB died a couple of extra times, once on the penultimate boss and once on the succesful Kalistraza attempt. I was probably not treating him fairly with heal priorities as I was dual boxing and that would be unfair on the others!!!

Anyway, both got all their Nexus quests done and got 5 bubbles out of them and the run!!!

Afterwards they popped to Dalaran and set their hearthstones there.

Awesome?? Not really, don't see what all the Dalaran fuss is all about, just another city to find my way around :P

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