Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Battle For Azeroth Alpha? Beta? Red Herring?

So I am working from home today, so I thought as I was on my own network I'd update WoW.

Oh, and by the way ...

I'M BACK ... anyway ...

The launcher said it was waiting on another installation but I couldn't see any, then I realised I had the alpha region selected so it was obviosuly updating the main game in the background.

THEN, it started updating the alpha build with about 7GB of data ... Woah!! Am I in the alpha again?

Unlikely, as last time it said it was Alpha, but it was really BETA. I think that back then if I'd checked sooner it would have been alpha, but I was too late.

I've only checked in time once when it was Pandaria Alpha, and that was unplayable :(

Update: Its still Legion, I have obviously never installed test client on this machine - DOH!


Fyl said...

Hello MM, still playing the WOW I see ^^ Still having fun?
Fyl (from the Elite from 10 years+ ago)!!

MarcusMaximi said...

Hey Fyl - I remember you well, yeah still playing, not half as much though :)