Sunday, 29 June 2014

WoD Beta - First Impressions

The first night was insane trying to get anything to work with the Alpha/Beta.

First of all there was the waiting to get to playable. Then all kinds of errors involving reboots, deleting files and changing settngs and then waiting for the game to do anythign.

I eventually managed to get in and create some characters on Gilneas (US) including an Orc Hunter. I did some quests on him and checked out some of the new features.

The first thing I noticed in my bags was this ...

I think it just sorted stuff into rarity order. I'll have a play round and see if it does anything else obvious. Maybe it will sell greys to a vendor if you are stood by one.

I also noticed a Garrison Abilty in my spell book. Not entriely sure what that does either, it didn't seem to do much for me!

Next time - The Toy Box

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