Saturday, 27 October 2012

Back Again!!


Back again I bought Mists the day after release. Had the collectors edition and 2 regular copies on pre-order from Game and was planning on going to the 23:00 opening.

The day before, or so I thought, I logged on and found out my diary was a day out - DOH!!!

Well I'd had too many shandies to go out now so I'll have to get it tomorrow thought I and went to bed :P

Tomorrow turned into late afternoon before I grabbed it and headed home, but luckily I was signed off sick from work so would have loads of time to play.

I eventually installed the collectors edition onto my account and logged in, having been advised that there is nothing to install, nice :)

I did one quest and logged out.

Several weeks later I logged back in and did some Brewfest dailies to get the latest item. But not being high enough level could not go visit Coren :(

Then I logged on a couple of days ago and did the quest to take me to Jade Forest, did the first quest there and logged out for the night.

Then I logged on this morning and have done some more quests :) I have not even opened the wrapping to get the serial number for the other 2 accounts, in fact I haven't even upgraded my 3rd account to Cata yet !!!

On the updside I have a Tier V Tan Destroyer and am training my second set of secondary skills on my Tier II medium tank on World of Tanks - LOL!!


Still playing WoW, also playing WoT, only installed mists on main account, done about 6 quests.