Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pre-Firelands Protection Gear Wish List

Wildhammer Clan Reputation
Tank - Revered - Head - Rare - Crown of Wings - Now have Hardened Elementiuj Hauberk (i359 Epic)
Tank - Exalted - Feet - Epic - Gryphon Riders Boots - Still Want. Blue-i333 -> Purple-i359

Justice Points
Head: Helm of the Proud (+40i) 2200jp Still Want. Blue-i316 -> Blue-i346
Shoulders: Sunburnt Pauldrons (+21i) 1650jp Still Want. Blue-i325 -> Blue-i346
Neck: The lustrous Eye (+13i) 1250jp Still Want. Blue-i333 -> Blue-i346
Hands: Numbing Handguards (+21i) 1650jp VP item is better
Chest: Chestplate of the Steadfast - Now have Hardened Elementium Hauberk
Waist: Girdle of the Mountains (+34i g>b) 1650jpt - Now have Hardened Elementium Girdle

Hands: Reinforced Sapphirium Handguards (+29i) 1650 Still Want. Blue-i325 -> Purple-i359
Feet: Rockfurrow Boots (+26i) 1650Still Want. Blue-i333 -> Purple-i359 these or WH clan
Legs: Reinforced Sapphirium Leggaurds (+13) 2200Still Want. Blue-i346 -> Purple-i359
Ring: Ring of the Battle Anthem (+13i) 1250vp Still Want. Blue-i346 -> Purple-i359
Libram: Relic of Kaz'goroth (+13i) 700vp Still Want. Blue-i346 -> Purple-i359
Trinket: Bedrock Talisman (+13i) 1650 Still Want. Blue-i346 -> Purple-i359
Chest: Reinforced Sapphirium Chestguard (+26b-p) 2200 - Now have Hardened Elementium Hauberk

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