Friday, 25 September 2009

Brewfest Achievement Cheat Easy Mode

Update No Longer possible in 2010 as Blizz have stopped you selling the chestpiece back.

It is possible however that if you bought the goggles you won't need to buy the hat for Disturbing the Peace.

Also, fret no more. Disturbing the Peace isn't part of the Brewmaster Meta anyway. Did Blizztards Change that?

OK, it's not a cheat exactly, but just an express way of getting the Brewmaster title from scratch in 5 days or so. Thats with spending 552 tokens!!!

552 tokens in 5 days?

See my main Brewfest Achievement Walkthrough for details but here is a summary.

Day 1 gives you 20 tokens + 40 tokens for Coren Direbrew
Each day gives you 25 tokens for dailies
Each day you should be able to get 34-38 tokens for the ram racing if you take the best route and don't screw up.

At the end of day 5 that gives you 60 + 125 + 170 = 355 tokens assuming you get 36 tokens per day. Not got 36 tokens per day? Unlucky on the Dark Iron attack? Do another day. Easy

But that's not 552 tokens you say. No, it's not. Buy the clothes for 350, do the achievement involving the clothes, then sell the chest piece back and buy the membership form. Job Done.

EvilBastard and HolyWarrior both got their Brewmaster title this morning on Day 6. Because I'm a slow learner and had bad luck with the ram racing so sometimes only got 20 tokens a day.

Oh, and by the way. Paladins can use their bubble for falling achievements :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New Quests with Patch 3.2.2

I haven't read the patch notes yet but whilst doing the Argent dailies HW and EB both picked up "Kvaldir Attack Plans" which gives the quest Battle Plans of the Kvaldir. I dunno if it's new, but I'm too pissed to find out now and I can't be arsed to do the quest either. We'll find out what that's about tommorrow too!!

So, also, after doing the Argent Dailies it was a quick HS back to Dullaran before portalling over to IF for the brewfest dailies ... but ... wait ... what's this? There's a nightelf dude who is wittering on about changes coming and he want's you to take his journal to one of his buddies in Darnassus.

Well, mate, when I can find time in my busy schedule I might get onto that one for you ... Pfff ... 1gold 86silver my arse!!!

Update: OK, so the Kvaldir battle plans have you go to the same cave as Mistcaller BlahdeBlah that you have to do for one of the Argent dailies. While your in there whooping his ass, just click on the blue floating crystal thingummy and you have a quest item you need to complete the quest with. Head back to the main tent (not the faction one) and you can hand it in to the bird on a horse in the entrance, otherwise known as Justicar Muriel(sic) Trueheart. 13g and 250 AC rep. not too bad.

Still don't know if this is a new quest or this is just the first time I got it, could go to wowhead I suppose but I can't be arsed!

Now, as for a Cautious return, I grabbed the portal to Darn and the hand in dude was standing just there in the zone in area. Archmage Mordent Evenshade from the Highborne. Aren't they just blood elves of a different name? I dunno, lore never was my strong point!!

Seems he wants to speak with Tyrande:
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: Sentinel, I would speak with your High Priestess.
Sentinel Stillbough: You must wait for an audience.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: Must I? I doubt Tyrande has more pressing business.
Sentinel Stillbough: You show some nerve coming to Teldrassil, Highborne. Your kind are unwelcome here. We have not forgotten the War of the Ancients or the minds behind it.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: The lure of power is great. Mistakes were made.
Sentinel Stillbough: And we would not see those mistakes repeated. Return to your exile.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: I will not return until I am heard. There is too much at stake.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: There is change on the wind, and we cannot ignore it. I have traveled from the dust and ruin of the past to come to an accord.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: The time may soon come when the kaldorei require the knowledge and skill we have to offer.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: I will wait, Sentinel... but I will have my audience.

Fuck knows what that is all about but the stingy bastard gave me 1 gold odd and no follow up quest. Twat.

ooh ooh 9 minutes later it continues...

Sentinel Stillbough: Take your gaze off the moonwell, exile. The power within is not yours to wield.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: Calm yourself, Sentinel. I do not seek to use it. I am merely... remembering.
Sentinel Stillbough: Recalling your treachery?
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: Enough. I have been apart from this for centuries. The well within this temple may be a pale spectre of the Well of Eternity, but it still holds the same... beauty. Purity.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: I had forgotten.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: I do not believe admiration and wistful thoughts are against the societal norm.
Sentinel Stillbough: Watch yourself, Highborne.
Archmage Mordent Evenshade: You were the one who challenged me for merely looking. I still await my audience with Tyrande.
Sentinel Stillbough: In good time.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

HolyWarrior got a Hallows End Achievement YESTERDAY!!

As I mentioned near the bottom of my Brewfest Achievement Guide I had 3 more Hallows End Achievements to complete.

Well, now I only have 2. :)

While I was writing that yesterday, or the day before (whateva!) it was nagging at me that there was an extra reason for getting my rogue onto this realm, and not putting him on HolyWarrior's account (he went on my 3rd account).

Oh yeah baby!!! He had the BAT WAND OF UBER GOODNESS!!!

YAY for PooStabber!!!

Can I get anymore politically incorrect? Probably not.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

EvilBastard Is Exalted

EB started today 3 sets of dailies away from Crusader. He is already exalted with all the home cities and is a champion of all but Ironforge. He already has 10 valiant seals to hand in. Hence 3 days away.

EB handed in his final Argent Tournament quest of the day and got 2 achievements. Silver Confidant (or whatever) and 10 exalted!!!

So he had to go do 3 more daily quests for 3 more champions seals :P

2 days to go and he'll be able to do the 2 Crusader dailies too. Oh how I wish I hadn't left him dormant :(

Hey Ho

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Brewfest Achievement Guide

So the next on our list of world events is Brewfest. So to get the Brewmaster title you need to do these achievements during the Brewfest Festival:

See End of guide for a walk-through.

Get the starter quest Brewfest! from a commoner in any capital city, you will get one of the beers you need as a reward. Hand it in at 48,39 to Ipfelkofer Ironkeg.

Strange Brew:
You have to drink the following beers:
Barleybrew Clear (buy from Barleybrew Apprentice or quest reward for Brewfest!)
Barleybrew Light (buy from Barleybrew Apprentice)
Barleybrew Dark (buy from Barleybrew Apprentice)
Gordok Grog (buy from Gordok Brew Apprentice or quest reward for Brewfest!))
Mudder's Milk (buy from Gordok Brew Apprentice)
Ogre Mead (buy from Gordok Brew Apprentice)
Thunder 45 (buy from Thunderbrew Apprentice or quest reward for Brewfest!)
Thunderbrew Ale (buy from Thunderbrew Apprentice)
Thunderbrew Stout (buy from Thunderbrew Apprentice)

The Brewfest Diet:
You need to eat some stuff that can be obtained as follows:
Keiran Donoghue in Dun Morogh (48.9, 38.3)
Dried Sausage
Pickled Sausage
Savory Sausage
Spicy Smoked Sausage
Succulent Sausage
The Golden Link

Anne Summers in Dun Morogh (49.3, 39.4)
Spiced Onion Cheese

Arlen Lochlan in Dun Morogh (48.4, 39.9)
The Essential Brewfest Pretzel

Brew of the Month:
Thank the Makers!!! You no longer have to drink each monthly brew for the Meta Achievement. Now you just have to join the Brew of the Month Club. It looks like you have to buy a BotM club membership form from Belbi Quikswitch for 200 Brewfest Tokens and then just take it to Larken Thunderbrew who is inside the Stonefire Tavern in Ironforge at 19.1,53.1

You get the tokens for doing dailies and handing in Coren Direbrews direbrew drinky thing.

How to get Tokens
Head to the bottom of the post for a walkthrough and breakdown of how to get tokens...

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger:
While at Larkin you need to obtain a Wolpertinger's Tankard which will teech you Wolpertinger.

Disturbing the Peace:
You need to buy 3 pieces of brewfest gear which will cost you 350 tokens, then go to Dalaran, drink till you are completely smashed and then /dance.

Drunken Stupor: While completely smashed fall 65 yards without dying. (You could go to Shattrath and jump from the top of the Scryer elevator if you don't know a spot in Dalaran).

You have to kill Coren Direbrew who is a special boss in Blackrock Depths and will be level 80+ Enter BRD, go right, use the tunneling controls to get in tunneling machine, pick up the daily quest and wait for everyone on the group to get it. Hand in the quest, Kill Coren, Job Done. Repeat for each party member. Loot Direbrew's Dire Brew for another quest worth 40 tokens.

Have Keg, Will Travel:
Either obtain a brewfest mount or transform your mount using any type of Brewfest Hops. This is another huge bonus. It used to be 'Obtain a Brewfest Mount' which some people failed to do after hundreds of runs. Now it can be bought for a handful of brewfest tokens!

Down With the Dark Iron:
According to Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, "This One Time, When I Was Drunk..." (which gives 10 tokens)

Apparently every 30 mins dark iron dwarves attack brewfest. You (and lots of other players) need to defend the 3 kegs from them. If you suceed then as the dwarves leave something (A big cog with a !) will drop off their tunneling machine and this starts the quest which gets you the achievement when handed in.

(Keep going down for the walkthrough...)

Congratultions, you are now Brewmaster and with a little luck you should now have your meta achievement and the Violet Proto Drake!! YAY!!

Me? I still have to do The Masquerade (just need the Bat costume), Rotten Hallow (when I went last year there were no stink bombs to clean up) and Sinister Calling (Have the helm, just need the squashling) for the Hallows End achievement :(

The Walkthrough:
1. Get the starter quest in Ironforge and go hand it in at the brewfest grounds.
2. When the Dark Irons attack be sure to fight them off and pick up the quest from the cog.
3. Buy the remaining drinks you need (keep them for falling and disturbing the peace quests or drink them now and buy more when you have all the garb)
4. Buy all the food items and eat them.
5. Go do Chug and Chuck (Easy 10 Tokens)
6. Do Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. It doesn't give tokens but next quest does.
7. There and Back Again awards 10 tokens.
8. Get Another Year, Another Souvenir.
9. Hand in Another Year, Another Souvenir and get you Green Brewfest Stein.
10. In Europe you have to buy the Wolpertinger's Tankard from Belbi for 40s (rep may affect price). In the US you can apparently stil get the wolpertinger quest which rewards the Tankard from Goldark Snipehunter. Either way, get the pet for the achievement.
11. By now the Dark Irons should have attacked and you'll have done the quest so...
12. This One Time When I Was Drunk awards 10 tokens.
13. Pick up one of the Bark quests, keep your mount on Medium speed and head up to Ironforge, once you have barked at all 4 flags you can dismount and race back for the hand in. Another 15 tokens. We should be at 45 tokens now.
14. Now buy some Fresh Brewfest Hops for only 2 tokens and use them for Have Keg, Will Travel. Down to 43 Tokens
15. Go back to the ram racing guy and he'll let you have another go at collecting kegs. Each one delivered will give you 2 more tokens and a little extra time on the ram, 20 or 30 seconds I think. Keep spamming the reins and make sure to go over both the apple barrels on the ways to and back. I screwed up twice but still got 20 more tokens. And the EB got 30
16. Go get a group to go kill Coren Direbrew. Hand in keg quest and you're at 83 Tokens + whatever from point 15.
17. That's Day 1 complete. Now come back every day and do your dailies (Barking, Ram-Racing AND defend from the Dark Irons). At around 50 tokens a day You'll probably have to do 10 days worth. But you may be able to get away with 6 if it lets you sell the chest piece back and buy the membership form. (Update: You can. Ignore the rest of the walkthrough and see express walkthrough at the bottom of the page.) During midsummer it only let me sell one thing back, so I don't know.
18. So on day 6 or 7 do your dailies, buy some booze and a chest, shoes and hat (buy the chest last just in case) and head off to Dalaran and do your drunk thing. Then head to Shattrath and do the falling thing while still drunk, then portal back to IF and try and sell back the chest piece. If it lets you then you can buy your membership form.
19. If not do 4 more days of dailies and buy your form. YAY!!! Done!!

HW Progress: 103 -> 156 -> 201 -> 256 -> 319 -> 380
EB Progress: 113 -> 172 -> 223 -> 284 -> 339

HW had a bloody awful day on day 3, the ram run kept fatiguing his ram when he was stood on top of the apple barrels, fucking Blizz. EB also got plagued by bugged fatigue reset, the fatigue buff actually reset to 0 but still got the exhausted de-buff. fucking fucking Blizz!

Day 5 and EB was so close to the 350, he had an unlucky fatigue, missed the barrel and had to go back for it, and missed an apple barrel and had to go back for that, he may have made it day 5 otherwise :(

Express walkthrough.
Once you have 350 tokens do the following to get your Brewmaster title.
1. Use the jugs on the tables to get completely smashed for free.
2. Buy the shoes, hat and chest from Bilbi.
3. Hearth to Dullaran
4. Put on the brewfest clothes and /dance. You have the Disturbing the Peace Achievement
5. Take the portal to shat and go to the Worlds End Tavern. Make sure you are at full health and still completely smashed, if not buy a flagon of mead.
6. Mount up and fly directly up outside the door to about 5-10 yards above the pinnacle of the tavern and dismount. It may take a couple of attempts to get the height just right. There you go, Drunken Stupour Achievement. Paladins: Dismount and bubble - it works!
7. Take the portal to Ironforge.
8. Go the the tavern near the entrance and sell back your chestpiece to get your 200 tokens back.
9. Buy the membership form, click it to start the quest and then hand it in.
10. You are now a member of the Brew of the Month club and finished Brewfest. Congratulations Brewmaster!!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Bonus World Event Achievement: Pirates Day - September 19th

OK, back here I was pondering on WTF Pirates Day was, well, I have a little bit more info.

It is on September 19th and there is one achievement involved and it is not part of the meta. Apparently you have to "Drink with the Dread Captain Demeza to join her crew during PiratesDay."

OK, I still don't know what is involved, so off to google it ...

... still here?

... back soon.

Well, apparently you need to talk to a pirate commoner in a capital city then take the option "I'd like to dress like a pirate". This will give you a "Corsair's Costume" buff which lasts for an hour.

Head on down to Booty Bay and talk to Dread Captain DeMeza who should be on the roof of the bank. (Even Bloodsail Admirals can do this apparently). This should convert the buff to a 12 hour "Dread Corsair" which persists through death and give you the achievement "The Captain's Booty"

The next day Brewfest starts, watch out for my guide coming to a Firefox 3.5 browser near you soon. (You do use Firefox don't you?)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

EvilBastard is Nice to Orphans

Oki, EvilBastard can be nice too, he took an orphan around Northrend, and even ended up in Un'Goro - WTF???

So now he can get a pet in the post tomorrow as well :)

Jaina at the Argent Tournament?

I was just about to do my jousting dailes when I heard those sexy dulcent sounds of Lady Jaina Proudmoore's voice.

When I tracked her down she was with Tirion and the King, wandering through the newly built tournament building.

What was she doing there? Is it part of a quest or just a scripted event?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Blacksmithing 450


I finally made blacksmithing 450, I was holding out for titansteel cooldowns to make titansteel to make me a nice shiny purple sword: Titansteel Guardian.

Now it's onto Jewelcrafting.

OOo, and I did my Dalaran orphan stuff, so should get a pet in the post soon :)

Is There a Cap to the Number of Champion's Seals You Can Have?

I ask becaude I am sure on Saturday I had 246 to spend, I have done my dailies every day and now I check and I have ... 246 ???

If I have done those dailies for nothing I am going to be PISSED off!

Update: Well, I hust handed one quest in and I am now at 247, so I guess not. But I am still sure I was already at 246 days ago :S wierd!