Thursday, 22 January 2009

Retro Black Temple

Last night I logged on pretty late just to do the cooking daily and noticed some people were in BT. I asked if I could come along and got a raid invite. So off I popped and joined the other FIFTEEN people in Illidan's home.

OK, OK, most of them were level 80s!!

So in I go and hand in the quest to kill Illidan that has been sat in my quest log since before wrath. I had forgotten to hand it in after we killed him and didn't realise till after the raid reset; the guild never went back to BT. As you have to kill some trash to get to the teleport dude I was unable to get to the quest giver on my own, but now I have the upgraded medallion of karabor.

I nearly didn't as I was just going to fly off to BT, but I checked my bank and grabbed the medallion before I set off.

Once, that was out of the way we went and killed Reliquary, Bloodboil and Shiraz with 16 people. Then had a couple of wipes on the Council because we didn't have enough interrupts.

Oh well, we had fun and I'm nearly exalted with Ashtongue now and I got a nice tanking trinket with a roll of 100 and a healing necklace to replace my PvP Guardians one with a roll of 26 :)

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