Thursday, 15 September 2011

Resto Shammy Heirloom Gear

Oh my, got a bit behind on posting since I went on holiday to France. Oops.

Been concentrating on getting my shammy to level 75 so I have 2 Jewelcrafters ready for patch 4.3

Today I'm just going to document the heirloom gear I'm going to purchase or want to purchase to get as much levelling bonus as possible.

Shoulder Purchased for JP
Mystical Pauldrons of Elements - 2175 JP or 60 champion seals

Chest Purchased for CSs
Mystical Vest of Elements - 2175 JP or 60 Champions Seals

Back Purchased
Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak - 1080g - Guild Vendor

Head Purchased
Mystical Coif of Elements - 1500g - Guild Vendor

Legs - Not in game yet
Mystical Kilt of Elements

Dread Pirate Ring - Kaluak Fishing Derby

Devout Aurastone Hammer - 2725/75 - no XP gain

Discerning Eye of the Beast - 2725/75 - no XP gain