Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Was That Always Like That? - Resurrection Sickness

There are many things that I come across in game and think "Was that always like that?" So I thought I'd start documenting / asking my 2 followers about these things that may well have always been like that!!!

Resurrection Sickness
I rolled a gnome rogue on Gevlon's Ganking Guild server, and I actually wanted to level it all the way to 80 without a single world death (instance deaths permitted) but I got frigging DC'd and finally got back online to find a dead gnome ... NO I DIDN'T. I was in the troll cave (Frostmane Hold) in stealth still a-fucking-live -but as soon as I reconnected (a hour fucking later) I was too close to a troll 3 levels higher than me and the fucker spotted me ... grrr ... wall of text later and he gets to the point...

At the spirit healer I decide I can't be arsed with corpse running and then dieing in the troll cave as soon as I resurrect so I opt to take res-sickess. I am level 7...


Was that always like that?