Thursday, 18 December 2008

Winterveil Achievement 2009

Warning: Work in Progress, percentage complete: 99%

OK, so CHRISTMAS is here and we have the next instalment of the World Events Achievements.

I mucked up with Hallows End and didn't buckle down and get things done so I ended up a couple of achievements short of full completion.

I will only be a few weeks behind everyone else getting every world event achievement done as long as I don't 'lag' again!!

So, what do you have to do to complete the Winter Veil Christmas achievements.

Part I

  1. Get your fat lazy <insert class name> butt to Ironforge.
  2. Pick up quest "The Reason for the Season" from Goli Krumn to left of bank entrance (this is not required for achivement but good XP).
  3. Pick up quest "Santa Claus" aka "Great Father Winter is Here!" from Wulmort Jinglepocket to right of Father Christmas
  4. Pick up quest "Metzen the Reindeer" from same dude.
  5. Pick up quest "Some Bastard has Stolen Xmas" aka "Stolen Winter Veil Treats" from same dude.
  6. If you don't have some buy a small stack of snowballs.

Part II

  1. Buy Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
  2. Buy Hot Apple Cide recipe
  3. Buy Egg Nog recipe
  4. Buy 5 Holiday spices from dude
  5. Acquire (Alts, Bank,AH) 6 Small eggs
  6. Buy milk from Gwenna Firebrew in the Inn to the left of AH
  7. Make that greedy fat bastard in red 5 Gingerbread Cookies. You only need 1 for the achievment but you may as well complete the quest!
  8. Hand in "Great Father Winter is Here!" to St Nick
  9. Accept and Hand in "Santa's a hungry fuck" aka "Treats For Greatfather Winter" to St Nick.
  10. Buy 2 x Holiday Spirits and 5 x Holiday Spices from goblin dude.
  11. Buy 1 x Sparkling Apple Cider from the girl goblin Macey.
  12. Make 1 x Hot Apple Cider.
  13. Make 1 x Egg Nog
  14. Achievment Gained: The Winter Veil Gourmet.

Part III

  1. Acquire Mistletoe and Snowflakes by kissing the revellers in the Inn every hour.
  2. Buy crafting recipes or get stuff from alt and get Winter Boots(Leatherworker 285) and Green or red Winter Clothes(Tailor 250) .
  3. Go defeat Grand Magus Telestra In The Nexus or Mage-Lord Urom In The Occulus for a red or green Winter Hat
  4. Wear all 3 pieces of winter gear and eat Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake.
  5. Achievment Gained: 'Tis the Season.
Part IV

  1. Pootle over to the big library place where all the explorers league dudes are
  2. Hand in "The Reason For The Season" and get "The Feast of Winter Veil".
  3. Read the book then go hand the quest into the King.
  4. Once spoken to King throw a snowball at him for Achievement Gained: Scrooged
  5. Go get a flight to Southshore or Chillwind Camp and ride up to Alterac Mountains where the Yetis and ogres are.
  6. Hand in "Stolen Winter Veil Treats" to snow man near Growless cave and get "You're a Mean One...".
  7. Go find and kill The Abominable Grinch (Level 36 Elite) who spawns in 4 possible locations: [x,x], [x,x], [x,x] or [x,x] and loot the Stolen Treats.
Part V

  1. Fly over to Thorium Point in Searing Gorge.
  2. Head to [x,x] in the north east of the zone
  3. [Alternative: Pirate Camp in Eastern Tanaris]
  4. Open up the bag you were given when you got the quest and use the Pouch of Reindeer Dust on Rudolph. He will Bubble-hearth outa there. Do not destroy Pouch, you need it to hand the quest in.
Part VI

  1. (Assuming we now have Mistletoe) Fly to Menthil and boat to Theramore.
  2. Use the mistletoe on Brother Karman by the Training Dummies.
  3. Fly to Nigels Point and use the mistletoe on Brother Anton.
  4. Go to Stranglethorn Vale and use the mistletoe on Brother Nimetz.
  5. Head to Stormwind by whatever means necessary and go snogging the brothers:
  6. Brother Kristoff outside the Cathedral.
  7. Brother Benjamin wandering around in the Cathedral.
  8. Brother Cassius in the first aid area in the north-east of the Cathedral.
  9. Brother Crowley in the north-eastern cellar of the Cathedral.
  10. Brother Joshua by the altar in the Cathedral.
  11. Go to Goldshire and use the mistletoe on Brother Wilhelm by the Forge.
  12. Achievement Gained: Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's.
Part VII

  1. Head back to Ironforge.
  2. Hand in "Metzen the Reindeer". Achievement Gained: On Metzen!.
  3. Hand in "You're a Mean One..." and get and complete "A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!". Achievement Gained: Simply Abominable.

Part VIII (PvP)

  1. Use the "Wintervolt Changey Thing 8000 outside the gates to the city.
  2. Enter some battlegrounds and get 50 HKs while under the influence of the Wintervolt thingey.
  3. Achievement Gained. With a Little Helper from my Friends.
  4. While in the battlegrounds try to sprinkle the required following race/class combinations, don't worry if you don't get all of them when you get your 50HKs do the rest around Dalaran or Shat later. If your below level 60 - have fun!!!
  5. Orc Death Knigget
  6. Tauren Shaman
  7. Undead Rogue
  8. Gnome Mage
  9. Blood Elf Warlock
  10. Human Warrior
  11. Night Elf Druid
  12. Troll Hunter
  13. Dwarf Paladin
  14. Dranei Priest
  15. Achievement Gained. Let it Snow.
Part IX (TBC Content)

  1. [Requirement: level 70/Flying Mount/SkyGuard Rep] Go to Ogri'la and transform your mount into a Reindeer with some holly and do the bombing quest.
  2. Achievement Gained. Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la.

Part X (Wrath Content)

  1. Go to Dalaran and use a Winter Veil Disguise Kit to become a snowman and dance with another snowman
  2. Achievement Gained: A Frosty Shake.

Part XI (Christmas Day)

  1. Open a present under the Tree. Achievement Gained: He Knows if You've Been Naughty.
  2. Get hold of a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer and get 25 crashes. Achievement Gained: Crashin' and Thrashin'.

Title Achieved: MerryMaker

Anyway, this is a work in progress, but just about finished

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ding 75

HolyWarrior and EvilBastard finished up the quests around Wildevar Fort or whateva its called and headed off and did the Kalulak dailies before heading back to the Keep with the Zepeelin bombing daily quest.

HolyWarrior fell off the zepellin while doing the quest but hey-ho. Once done they handed in the quests that were done on the way to Wildevar and dinged 75!!! WooHoo!!! Well HW dinged, EB is still a bubble off because HW went off on a killing a skinning spree at some point!!!

Half way to level 80 and the guild are in Naxx-25 - Yay :) ... and ... BooHoo :(

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Patch 3.0.8 Awesome Tapping???

One thing that stood out for me in the patch notes was:

* Tapping: All player spells which cause a creature to become aggressive to you will now also immediately cause the creature to be tapped.

I assume this means that if EvilBastard throws a corruption on a mob some evil fucker can't come along and tag the mob before corruption ticks!!

What's with the "Tapping" was this a dev's poor handwriting being misread by a low paid, non-wow-playing secretary? taGGing!!!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Level 74, Nexus and Dalaran

HolyWarrior and EvilBastard dinged 74 doing the basket collection daily in Boring Tundra. YAY!!!

Before I could get to Dalaran a guild alt run was planning on an instance so EB and HW tagged along to Nexus.

HW easily healed the group through the entire instance as ret-spec in T5/T6 healing epix and HW only died twice when he fell off a cliff thing somewhere in the middle and then on the only boss wipe of the run which was Kalistraza or whatever.

EB died a couple of extra times, once on the penultimate boss and once on the succesful Kalistraza attempt. I was probably not treating him fairly with heal priorities as I was dual boxing and that would be unfair on the others!!!

Anyway, both got all their Nexus quests done and got 5 bubbles out of them and the run!!!

Afterwards they popped to Dalaran and set their hearthstones there.

Awesome?? Not really, don't see what all the Dalaran fuss is all about, just another city to find my way around :P

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sex Change

Sorry, err why am I apologising? Probably no-one ever reads this!!!

Anyway, I have been busy getting to 80, not busy enough though as I am still only 18 bubbles into level 73 on both HW and EB!!

Anyway, I spotted over at Doofy and BoK (and probably many others places that I haven't work my way to yet today) that you can now customise your character even more for just $15 per month. I'm guessing £15 too!!

All the other stuff you can already do already in game like haircuts or through your account management via paid character name change; but now you can change your sex!!!

Yes, brought to you by the wonders of "Goblin Enhance Natural Identity Transfer And Libido Swap", or G.E.N.I.T.A.L.S. for short, you can now have a character sex change!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Guilds Wrath Progress

So, whilst I was frigging about with alt characters the guild went into Naxx-10 as a 100% guild group for the current raid-lockout period on Thursday and then again on Sunday.

They mostly one-shotted the bosses but had some problems with some of the bosses.

Last night they cleared Naxx-10.

That's right, my guild cleared Naxx-10 over the course of 3 nights in the first raid-lockout period they went all-guild!!

Go Go Portugese Porkers!!!

Unfortunately I am still level 72. DOH!! This gave me some inspiration to start levelling the Good and Downright Evil Duo again.

I wants Naxx!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Refer a Friend Levels Lost?

OK, I've been slacking. HolyWarrior and EvilBastard are still sat in Howling Fjord at level 72.

I spent most of the weekend transferring stuff between my Rogue, Mage and Priest on another server with all the alt bankers there in the anticipation of moving those three over to HWs server.

I moved the Mage over hoping to grant him some of the levels from the Druid and get him to 60 but I couldn't, the option wasn't there.

Now I don't know whether it's because the druid is now level 61 which is what the GM said or whether it's been over 90 days since I linked the accounts. I don't even know if the 90 days matters and I don't know whether I can create a DK on the 3rd account and grant the levels from there or if the levels were character related and are now lost for good.